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Equine – Small Barn Box (50 Doses)

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To start your horse on Movex, we recommend 1 dose every 4 days.   After your horse has finished the startup phase, use 1 to 2 doses per month (complete instruction sheets provided with each order). Each vial contains a single 5ml dose (250mg of Chondroitin 4 Sulfate suspended in sterile water adjusted for PH 50mg/ml) to be administered intramuscularly in the neck. Wondering if Movex is right for your horse? Buy two doses to try it!  You should see results after the second dose.
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Movex is a Chondroitin 4 Sulfate Intramuscular injection

Helps to decrease inflammation while stimulating the body's natural production of synovial fluid in the joints.

Customer Reviews

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This is an amazing product and they ship out super fast. Highly recommend!

Donna Miller (Alpharetta, GA)

Love this product. Can definitely tell they feel really good when they get their Movex!

Thank you, Donna! We are glad to have you as a part of Team Movex!

Megan Lichty (Atlanta, GA)
New user

This is my first time using Movex on the recommendation of a respected friend. While I can’t fully assess the result yet, my horse is feeling very good. I was impressed with the delivery of the product and attention to detail with the inclusion of needles & syringes - that was a pleasant surprise and very appreciated!

Thank you for leaving a review! We really appreciate it and look forward to helping your horses feel their best!

Parker Minchin (Cameron, NC)
Love the results!

Have loved what I see when using MoveX!!!

Thank you for the review, Parker! We appreciate it.

Anastasia Tzaratzouris (Livermore, CA)
Best addition to my program

I am a dressage trainer, and I have always believed in joint supplements. I decided to give movex a try, because of the affordable price point and the data backing it. I can’t even begin to tell you the difference in my horses! I recommend it to horses young and old. It has been the biggest improvement to my program. I’m saving money switching from oral supplements to movex, and I’m getting WAY better results. The horses are sounder, happier, more supple, and getting less vet work. Thank you for developing such an amazing product at such a wonderful price point!


Looking forward to working with Movex for many years to come

"As a horseman, an equestrian business owner and a horse family, our number one priority is the health and well-being of our horses and the horses in our care. We are excited to work in partnership with Movex to keep our equine partners healthy, happy and in the best possible form. We have seen such positive benefits for our own horses and look forward to working with Movex in partnership for many years to come."

Tim Dutta - The Dutta Corporation


I used MoveX leading up to my horse's first Advanced and she has never felt better! I believe it improved her performance in all three phases. I will definitely continue to use MoveX in my maintenance program!

Hanna Bundy

World’s Top Young High Goal Polo Player

At only 19 years old, Timmy Dutta is among the world’s top young high goal polo players with major wins in the US high goal circuit including winning the trifecta of Joe Barry, Harvey Pennell, Ylvisaker Cups, the Hall of fame cup and the Westchester Cup. Timmy grew up in a sport horse family and began riding at an early age. He inherited his love for polo from his father, Tim Dutta. From the moment he picked up a mallet at 13-years-old, he knew that polo was what he wanted to do. Since that day, Timmy has been nothing short of unstoppable.

Timmy Dutta - Sponsored Rider