We had tried everything to help our 11 year old lab.  He was struggling to get up.  Most of the time he just laid around the house with no interest in going outside for walks, etc.  Mind you, this had been a very active younger dog.  We decided to give Movex a try after our vet told us he had heard good things about it.  It worked way better than anything else we had tried.  He is still an old dog, but he is a much more comfortable old guy and does not struggle to go on walks anymore. 

Chris R

"We love our gelding pony, Charlie.  He has “taught” many many many of our students over the years how to ride and the basics of show jumping.  Charlie is 16 now and had started getting really stiff and just did not want to do his job any more.  We were getting ready to inject hocks and stifles when someone suggested that we try Movex.  We gave Charlie the first shot of the loading dose and could not believe the change in 24 hours.  It was like years of use and aches and pains were eliminated with the first shot.  As he finished the regimen and got into the maintenance doses, he continues to ride and train like a much younger pony.  We are thrilled with Movex and have started several more of our horses and seen similar results."   -  Michelle B

Michelle B

"Our 12 year old Hanovarian show jumper, Harper, was starting to stock up in her back legs after working.  We tried the much more expensive drugs on the market with minimal results.  (with movex) We were two weeks into the loading dose and noticed that the swelling in her hind legs had disappeared (and has not returned!).  Also, the stiffness that she had when turning to the right went away.  We discontinued other products and are only using Movex now.  We are totally satisfied with Movex and feel like it has helped make our horse more competitive.  Thank you for a great product!"

Elizabeth S