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I’m Sold

My 2 year old Lab buddy, Arlo, was diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia at 9 months old. I’ve done lots already to try to help him. My vet told me to try injectable chondroitin and I found Movex online. First shot, I ‘thought’ I saw improvement, 2nd shot I really saw improvement. He is now on maintenance shots and I am so happy with the results. He has a smooth trot and appears comfortable. He still has his wobbly swagger and will always have hip dysplasia but he is so much more improved than before Movex. I started my older arthritic Lab on Movex too and she has shown improvement but not as dramatic as the young one. It has really been a game changer at my house. So grateful for the improvement in both dogs.

This makes our day, Judy. Thank you for sharing!

Equine 4 Pack (4 Doses)
Kyle Cook (Sandy, UT)

So far so good

Hi Kyle! Thank you for the review. We are glad to have you on board!

Equine 4 Pack (4 Doses)
Mckenna McCafferty (Houston, TX)
The BEST Product.

Sponsor me! lol the best product on the market

Hi McKenna! Thank you! We are flattered! Please send an email to to get more info about our brand ambassador program!

Equine 4 Pack (4 Doses)
AJ Showjumping (Ocala, FL)
Best joint product so far

Just finished our 4 pack for loading doses on our 7 year old OTTB. Even the farrier at week two noticed how “loose” our horses legs felt. My daughter says her horses movements feel so much smoother. Love MOVEX. So do the horses.

We love hearing about great results! Thank you for taking the time to send us a review!

Equine 3 Pack (3 Doses)
Louisa Flaig and Songline (Champion Stallion of the 2006 Trakehner Stallion Licensing) (Cookeville, TN)
Movex is a Game Changer!

Songline was an upper level event horse with a German Olympian and then came to the US to Michael Pollard. He was qualified for the London Olympics as an 8 year old. Needless to say he has a pretty rigorous career. When he came to me for a quieter career I immediately started him on Movex, and it was a game changer. He came out ready to work feeling better than ever, no more long, stiff warm ups. Movex has been part of my routine with Songline for the last 6 years and I could not be happier with the results of the product.

Thank you for the review! We appreciate you taking the time to leave it and the pics! :-)

Equine 4 Pack (4 Doses)
Sarah R. Mayfair Farm Sport Horses (Cookeville, TN)
Exactly what we needed!

I have a late teens mare that is going back to work as a lower level dressage horse after about 7 years off on broodmare duty, she wasn't "lame" per se just looked stiff and uncomfortable all over, moved a bit rough, etc. Started noticing changes a few days after her second round, moving less stiff, easier for her to pick up her feet... after the 4th round she was even better! She will defiantly be staying on monthly maintenance with Movex! Thank You!

Thank you, Sarah! We are glad that she is doing so well!

Equine 4 Pack (4 Doses)
Tom Allen (Kenner, LA)
Works Great.

I started my 15 year old mare on Movex about a month ago. The difference has been amazing. She has no inflammation in her back legs (a trouble spot for years) and seems way more comfortable under saddle.

How horses THRIVE on Movex!

Thank you for taking the time to send us a review! We appreciate you taking the time to do so!

Great stuff fast shipping

I’ve used it in the past and I’m just starting the loading doses on two of my older horses. I’m hoping they will be sound enough to ride this summer.

Great product at affordable prices!

Amazingly product

Really helpful for my older horse with a stifle to stay comfortable. Also loved all the swag MoveX includes in their shipments