General Questions

See answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding MoveX

Movex is simple... and amazing... It is chondroitin 4 sulfate (C4S), suspended in sterile water with buffers to balance the PH. It is an all natural product that can dramatically reduce inflammation due to excessive exercise while increasing comfort and mobility. Chondroitin Sulfate is a large percentage of the molecules that make up tissues in the joints. Movex replenishes these structures with an all-natural version of this molecule, not a synthetic lab creation.

Give one shot IM (intramuscularly as directed) every 7 days for 4 weeks. This is the “loading dose” period. After the loading dose, most horses and/or dogs can be switched to a maintenance dose of once per month. Sport horses used in heavy competition can benefit from more frequent use of Movex, as often as every week for top-level performance

Just like any other injection, there is a slight risk of an injection site reaction. Occurance with Movex has been negligible. Movex has not been tested in pregnant animals.