MOVEX is part of my maintenance program

I used MoveX leading up to my horse's first Advanced and she has never felt better! I believe it improved her performance in all three phases. I will definitely continue to use MoveX in my maintenance program!
Hanna Bundy Happy Customer

I love this product

My Grand Prix horse was a bit sore throughout his back, I gave him the Movex injection and not even 24 hours later he showed no signs of sensitivity and felt incredible!! The following week before the 2* in tryon started we gave him another dose of the Movex injection and he went on to jump double clear in the 2* Grand Prix! We love Movex because it is FEI safe and all of our horses feel incredible from it!
Jenna Friedman International Israeli Showjumper

Just want to share my mare’s story!

Just want to share my mare’s story! She was having issues turning her first pole and getting stuck on her turns because of her hocks. I started her on MoveX almost two months ago...this week she won a world title at the AQHA world show! And also took home a reserve championship, a third place and a sixth place!! Running her best patterns all year!
Colleen Hershey Winner of world title at AQHA world show

I could see an immediate difference

My horse, Kealkil Blue Boy, got his second Movex loading dose injection and my trainer and I could see an immediate difference. Blue is jumping amazing, so much easier and rounder. He feels very loose and fluid. He warms up faster and feels ready to go the second I get on him. I am grateful for Movex and how good it has made Blue feel. Blue Boy gives Movex 5 stars!
Emerald McKay Show Jumper

It seems miraculous

My Appendix AQHA mare has been plagued by lameness issues for the past year. In an attempt to heal her, I have been feeding her supplements, icing and wrapping her legs, medicating her, resting her ...but results were minimal at best. I was ready to give up on this mare ever having a career. Two months ago, as a last ditch effort, I started giving her MoveX injections. It seems miraculous, but my beautiful mare is now floating around the arena like she has new legs. I expect to get her back into a full exercise regiment soon. I can only attribute her new found soundness to MoveX and I highly recommend using it to help alleviate chronic lameness issues.
Carol Woodmansee Happy Customer

The results are simply amazing

My 22 year old Trakehner started to show stiffness and arthritis in his stifles and hocks. He started to stumble and his strides shortened. He received daily supplements for joints etc but it was just not enough to keep him moving with fluid motion. We started Movex 6 weeks ago and the results are simply amazing. He is back to his old self , running, bucking and playing with his buddies. I am so thankful that I came across this product.
Maike Girgnano Happy Customer