Long Walks Are Back

We had tried everything to help our 11 year old lab. He was struggling to get up. Most of the time he just laid around the house with no interest in going outside for walks, etc. Mind you, this had been a very active younger dog. We decided to give Movex a try after our vet told us he had heard good things about it. It worked way better than anything else we had tried. He is still an old dog, but he is a much more comfortable old guy and does not struggle to go on walks anymore.
Chris R Happy Customer

Thank you again for this amazing product

Lil Bit is my 12yr old Pit. She has traveled to shows with me for years and the last few months has not been able to go do to not being able to keep up. She is now able to travel with me again. She still gets a little stiff due to the severe arthritis in her front elbow but is able to run around like a pup again, which is a blessing for her as she is an extremely active dog. Thank you again for this amazing product,
Monica Happy Customer

Huge Improvement!

My 8 year old Great Dane was feeling frisky after his first shot. He had been on another supplement with some improvement in range of movement, but nothing like this!
Sally Moehring Happy Customer