Canine Spotlight

Canine Injections are Available Too!

Movex is not only for horses!  We love our canine friends.  Many older dogs experience serious discomfort and mobility challenges.  Movex can help!  We have specially formulated doses for dogs.  Dogs that were having trouble getting out of their bed in the morning are now running around and acting years younger.  Movex replenishes the joints - an all-natural, non steroidal formula that can make your dog feel years younger. 

"Lil Bit is my 12yr old Pit. She has traveled to shows with me for years and the last few months has not been able to go do to not being able to keep up. She is now able to travel with me again. She still gets a little stiff due to the severe arthritis in her front elbow but is able to run around like a pup again, which is a blessing for her as she is an extremely active dog."

Thank you again for this amazing product,